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We invite you to participate in an international scientific and spiritual practical conference


Universal-integral multi-level education

in the Spirit of the New Age


February 3-4, 2024

The International Centre Goa

Dr. E Borges Road, Dona Paula, Goa - 403004, INDIA





A brief overview of the International Scientific and Spiritual Practical Conference can be viewed here



In the current period, the Hierarchy of Human Reason expects progressive individuals of the world to embody the Unity Program, combining their experiences to create a Focus of forces. This focus is intended to model and energize the Image of the Future World according to the Universal Principles of World Order.

The Image of the Future World should encompass the multi-level evolutionary achievements of conscious humanity in the Circle of Unity of the 12 civilizations of the Lotus of the World.

We call on spiritual and enlightening organizations and movements to express their commitment to unity at the conference initiated by us on the topic of "Universal-Integral Multilevel Education". Such education can only be formed based on the achievements of the world cultures of the 12 civilizations of the Lotus of the World of the 5th Root Race. By extracting the triune experience of family, lineage, and national development, we can form Crystals of experience that will become conduits for the Star streams of the 12 meridians from the Sacred Zodiac. These streams, stimulating balanced development, when brought together, can produce the embryo of a new humanity.

The universal scientific worldview incorporates all the world's achievements and spiritual growth of humanity through representatives of spiritual teachings in their synthesis, as the Image of the planetary future – the Temple of the new Epoch.

Universal-Integral Multilevel Education will form a multi-level Image of the Future, create a focus of the forces of progressive human thought, its scientific and spiritual achievements, reveal the true essence of the human creator, and shape a nature-oriented path of its becoming based on Purpose.


India – the cradle of the synthesis of Crystals of experience and the birth of the Program of a new cycle of development for the 12 civilizations. It is important to unite the 12 Crystals of the spiritual experience of the world community with the 12 Crystals of the experience of the peoples and cultures of India to resonate the conception of a new life program. This program will become the basis for the formation of the new Temple of the Lotus of the World in the New Age of Aquarius. The Tree of Life of the Hierarchy of Human Reason will undergo renewal. Thus, conditions will be created for the revelation of man, his abilities, and values for the world.

That's why the conference will take place in the cradle of humanity, in India, where the Chalice of accumulated experience will be gathered. Before the conference, there will be an expedition during which participants will resonate with the crystals of experience from the cultural achievements and traditions of the 12 sectors of India. This process will lay the foundation for the streaming education and science of the Future, as a new seed of the Spirit in forming a universal scientific worldview.

We are creating a World of a new quality based on the spiritual achievements of world culture for all of humanity according to the universal laws of nature.

We invite collaboration from all progressive people of good will!


Conference Goals:

1. Create a Circle of Unity from the ideological paradigms of various spiritual schools, progressive scientific associations, and existing education systems.

2. Initiate joint discussions on the formation of a Universal Scientific Worldview through the integration of spiritual and scientific approaches based on a multi-level system of goals and values of human evolution.

3. Create an integration platform for the implementation of a universal-integral multi-level education system for the development of humanity and the individual based on a causal-systemic approach in the universal scientific worldview.

4. Gather the integral energy system of humanity as a single organism in hierarchical interaction of all spiritually enlightening movements of progressive humanity.


Conference Thematic Directions:

  • Goals of the New Age of Aquarius in shaping the Individual and Humanity. Forming the future based on a nature-oriented position of human civilization.
  • Multi-level system of goals and values of human, humanity, and Planet evolution.
  • Extracting the experience of world cultures of the 12 civilizations of the Lotus of the World, the 5th Root Race.
  • The Future of Humanity and the challenges of education in shaping a nature-oriented position of humanity.
  • Universal scientific worldview - hierarchical universality of the world order, laws, and principles of life development.
  • The role of metascience in forming a universal worldview.
  • Principles and laws of life development, humanity's value orientations as the basis of the Universal Scientific Worldview.
  • Principles of evolutionary economics in integration processes of communities.
  • Collective strategy in the education and upbringing of a leader in the new era.
  • Universal-integral multi-level education of the Human in the Spirit of the New Age. Continuous education system.
  • Educating a person based on their purpose, leadership position in collective strategy.
  • Development of sensory-logical perception of the world by a person, revealing their inner world.
  • Nature-oriented lifestyle of humans in society. Spiritual principles of health.
  • Organization of the living space of individuals as a reflection of the universality of the world order in everyday life.


Expected Outcome:

Development of a program for inter-collective integration in ongoing collaboration among spiritual organizations-partners.

Initiation of the creation of the International Laya Center for the formation of a Universal Scientific Worldview in India and other countries worldwide based on a multi-level system of goals and values of human evolution, humanity, and the realms of nature, achievements of world culture and science in unity with the 12 world cultures of civilizations.

We invite participation in the conference in the following formats:

• Partner organizations.

• Participation in a presentation.

• Listener and participant in the conference program.


For a more detailed overview of our activities, we invite you to visit our websites and channels:




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