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International Scientific School of Universology (ISSU)


If you perceive the world as an endless development,
If joint daily creativity fills you with joy of new attainments,
If you are ready to shoulder the plenitude of responsibility for our Planet,
If you transform surrounding world by the beauty of thoughts created in the depth of your heart,
You already participate in the creation of beauty of future cosmic relations!


ISSU activities follow five major lines:
- Development of cosmically oriented world outlook, spiritual revival of consciousness, and formation of new moral and ethical norms of human behavior;
- Social and economic renovation, multilevel integration of human society based on the new scientific principles of public self-governance;
- Promotion of Cardinal Psychology, and Psycho-systemology as new methods for conscious self-realization of man;
- Implementation of Cardinal Psychotherapy and Systemic Preventive Medicine into conventional healthcare;
- Promotion of integral, continuous education.

Basic Scientific Methodology:
Causal Systemology (CS) is a branch of Universology, which integrates (i) the basic concepts of General System Theory with (ii) five general philosophical principles (duality, analogy, causality, periodicity, and alternativeness) within three sign-numerological models. These models represent the most universal {space-time}, {space-energy}, and {time-energy} aspects of hierarchic and synergetic cause-and-effect relations (the upper and lower triangles corresponds to the continuums of cause and effect, respectively). Transcending the “basic philosophical question”, CS also puts forward the principle of mutual causality of matter and consciousness (Gnoseological Relativism).


model 1

model 2

model 3

CS considers mankind as one of the interconnected multilevel cosmic systems, with stable prosperity of whole human society and any its sub-system being primarily dependent on the harmonization of hierarchic/synergetic interactions between/at all the 7 levels of system relations in accordance with the “ideal vector of development” imposed by the cosmic super-system (3 superior levels not presented in the models (7+3=10); 7 levels correspond to the levels of human consciousness: [(7) planetary-creative, (6) socially-creative, (5) collectively-creative]unconscious - [(4) creative]transitional - [(3) mental, (2) emotional, (1) psycho-physical]conscious, which are related to the hierarchy of 7 space-time-energy system continuums, from the whole humanity (level 7) to the physical man (level 1)). For a social system the “ideal development” is defined by synthesizing three aforementioned models:

1) the model of “attractors” or the hierarchy of purposeful orientations (model 1),
2) the model of the universal algorithm of stage-by-stage cyclic development (model 2), and
3) the model for prognostication of current qualities and the most favorable way of further development (model 3); it couples Pythagorean numerological matrix method with the Kelly’s method of repertory grid and allows to synchronize hierarchic and synergetic relations of a system and its subsystems with the dominant rhythms of super-system, i.e. the periods of rotations of Earth around its axis and Sun.

CS proposes practical scientific methods for integral, stage-by-stage harmonization of all the aspects of human life on an international scale: politics, economics, education, healthcare, etc. The corresponding social projects are represented by different areas of Universology:

• Cosmosophy
• Causal and Systemic Analysis
• Prognostication and Diagnostics of Systems
• Cardinal Psychology and Psychotherapy
• Cardinal Psychotherapy and Systemic Preventive Medicine
• Integral Education
• Social Systemology
• Universal Management

Priorities, Tasks, Research Lines and Developments by ISSU

The main tasks of ISSU include understanding, systematization and transmission of
(i) the purposes of cosmic and planetary evolution,
(ii) the paths of further human development, and
(iii) the group strategy and mechanisms of its social implementation to control the evolutionary process.

Universology is a revolutionary new philosophical paradigm which bridges age-old gap between the materialistic and idealistic theories of cognition. Synthesizing ideas of many outstanding thinkers of humanity (Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Kant, Jung, Vernadsky, Prigozhin, Popper, von Bertalanffy, etc.) it extends the principle of duality of Existence to the “mechanism of existence itself” assuming

1) the ability of reflection (associated with a level of consciousness) for any micro- and macro-system and
2) subordination of this consciousness to the intentions of superior system within the universal laws of development for the hierarchy of cosmic systems.

This leads to the conception of mutual causality of objectivity and subjectivity, in the sense that any subject of consciousness (a system self) unconsciously “links” the hierarchic/vertical cause-and-effect relations between the corresponding super-system and subsystems through the synergetic/horizontal relations with other systems (the “Law of Cross”). Within the new worldview the knowledge of materialistic science remains relatively correct, being restricted to the cause-and-effect relations at the level of physical matter, but is completed by the understanding of the Superior Sense of physical events in terms of the laws of cause-and-effect relations between the levels of consciousness. This gives man scientific basis for (i) the understanding of causes and purposes of his coming into this World and (ii) the awareness of aims and ways of evolution of humanity, the planet, and the Universe.

According to the laws of Universology, the implementation of Supreme Control for the evolutionary process on the planet can be performed only by means of the group creativity of those who have embarked on the Path of conscious service of higher ideals of human evolution and who place the evolutionary objective above their personal success. Therefore ISSU attaches great importance to development of practical mechanisms based on the group strategy at all the levels of human society.

The ISSU developments in the field of integration processes are also advanced as the basis for a new ideology of future planetary union of independent states. This ideological basis will allow to gradually remove the causes and consequences of national and social antagonisms, activate the creative social potential and revive the principles of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

Today ISSU has brought together creative groups from over 120 cities of Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Italy. These groups are interested in the consolidation of all progressive scholarly, social and creative organizations and forces, both state-run and independent, and invite all who aspire for a renovation of life of Man and society to cooperate.


Association for Systemic Synthesis Italian-Russian (ASSIR)
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