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Polyakov V.A., founder and Head of the International Scientific School of Universology,
Honorary Doctor of the "Lviv Stavropigion" University,
full member of the International Scientific Academy of Ecology and Life Safety,
Odessa, Ukraine


Humanity must deal with many questions for which it cannot find answers. On entering the new age, the spirit of the new age of Aquarius requires a new scientific paradigm of understanding what is happening in the world. The age of Aquarius has come as a new movement of time, space, and energy. The formation of the streams of life has changed, but humanity is still trying to find answers to its questions in the old way, which leads to the disbalance of development, and instead of the harmonious cooperation with the world and nature, a human ends up with technogenic catastrophes, lack of happiness and one-sided disbalance. A human has always been searching for the path to the deity. Under the concept of deity, the cause of life must be understood, above all. God is the cause, and this cause is always not understood until a human is not able to discover of universal actions of this cause. They allow us to create the stream of life and to see the world with the inner vision, by building the temple of the new education and entering the portal of the new life.

This is the logic of the universalities of being, the logic of the choice of the path and the logic of following life itself in the most effective way of development, as in the flow of a river in Aquarius, which chooses its most effective way to the ocean of life. But for this it’s needed to clean the “Augian stalls” of the past, by forming the universal algorithm of actions of the common laws of nature and being. This universal algorithm allows us to create the universal scientific picture of the world. This will allow a human to look at the world as it is, and not as it has been imagined. Humanity is trying to do it now. First, a place and role of a human as a conductor and co-creator of this life needs to be found, it must be understood where the disbalance of the development is, and how to form the relationships according to the universalities of the seven laws of nature, by moving towards each other and creating the united energy system. It will allow us to go beyond limits, by building the energy channels of the mutually caused development from the past to the future on the steps of improvement [1, 2].

The universal models which are formed during this by a human, act based on the energy of Uranus. Uranus is responsible for the age of Aquarius, the architect of creation, which requires strict mathematical, physical, and chemical description of processes, as it has been suggested by the Pythagorean school.

The universal models developed by Universology are a group of universal schemes that reflect all possible states and processes that occur hierarchically and synergetic in the chains of space-time continuums. Between them, the impulse of creation relatively simultaneously flows from a larger system to a smaller, and between the systems on the same level, step by step forming the flowing synthesis, which forms the stream of life.

This universality of being is given to humanity to solve the questions that are posed before it today. How to find the cause if life? How to proceed to the cause of life without distortions, so that the disbalance would not conquer the world with chaos? The disbalance starts from a human, from his relationships, from societies, and is then scaled to the entire humanity. Building of the temple of life should become the goal of every human, group, and society, through the formation of such family, genetic and national relationships, through which a human would be able to overcome this chaos. And God, as the cause of life, would be a clear orientation for him in his place and role in the temple of life, and the indication how to come the path towards the future, how to uncover the purpose in the search of the new world, and in this way, to open the path to the future based on strict systematic formations (fig.1).

    Figure 1. Causality of Universals of Being

How does humanity unite? Let’s look at the perfect process based on the universal algorithm by the laws of nature, how the Universe, and the life our humanity, accordingly, is formed. The temple of life of a human is being built in the unity of the family, genetic, and national ones. This way, the triple experience of our purpose is collected. Family is personal experience (manas), genetic – the collective experience (buddhi), and national – the national consciousness (atma). In this case, a human can exchange mutual gain, mutually enriching each other, and forming collective relationships. By collecting these relationships together, like a life from the heart, the national temple is formed.

Three circles are the energy channel for bringing the consciousness to the new quality level. Support of the balance in management, most notably, is the balanced development. Imbalance and crisis exist in the world for exactly the reason that nations don’t know their purposes, and because civilizations don’t know their places and roles in the interconnection of the past, present, and future.

The realization of the purpose of every human occurs in 7 steps of development according to the universal models. We show how these steps are characterized systematically, and how a human gets to know his purpose as a structure of life, also from the point of view of forming the dynamics of 12 stages, which takes its beginning from the characteristics of Zodiac and creates the general cycle of the temple of life of a human. The world has its organizational structure in space and its development dynamics in time.

Everything reaches the summit of achievements. This summit is four dimensions, or that the completeness should be achieved by a human, group, and nation, when the path of 7 steps towards the new life is walked. Algorithm of 7 steps – the polarity that brings on the cause of life, continuity, causality, cyclicity which opens the path to the stream of life. This is the fifth, and very important, stage, and the fifth level that corresponds to the age of Aquarius. We are forming the collective consciousness, the streamy thinking, non-standard causal-systematic and sensual-logical reflection of the world. By following this path, we climb to the summit of achievements, where a human, by the inversion of goal-oriented development, discovers the world of the future. This is nothing else than the toroidal, five-dimensional formation of the world, this is the balance that Leonardo da Vinci has been suggesting to the world already long ago. Our ancestors called the balance of the 4 elements “the dead water”, and the integrational process “the live water”. This integrational process allows us to create the bright individual and his relations, his world that will surround him as the temple of life.

This is the pulsation of life, because by reaching the summit of achievements in the powerful stream of goal-oriented development, the electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, and gravitational fields are created on the summit of the transitional process. Then the torsion field is created as the completeness of development.

The awareness of it requires the enlightenment and the new education, the creation of the new image of the future, and of course the new way of forming the relationships, as living through the seven steps towards each other of people, groups, societies, and of course nations, according to the seven universal laws of formation of relationships.  

But the main thing is to imagine humanity as a heart. Agni Yoga exactly declares to live in the heart, to live in the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Universe. Let’s imagine this process and apply it to the complete process of the development of the entire humanity. Of course, the Universe develops in the same way. But for us today is important the transition from the past to the future that appeared on the border of the ages. And humanity is defenseless, because it knows how neither the Universe, nor our stellar temple of the Solar system is pulsating, according to the universalities of being, which requires its orbit for everyone.

We are the fourth orbit, but not the third, since there are Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. And according to this, we should be heartful, and we should form relationships in the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Universe. And, humanity as the fourth kingdom of nature. Three higher planets fill the collective, the social, and the global levels with the program of development. Three lower planets determine how we are overcoming the imperfection of our nature, and accordingly, how we are improving the roots of the tree of life that correspond to the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms of nature.

This way the Lotus of life of our seven fundamental races is formed. And in every fundamental race this universal model is formed as well. According to the universal model, from the core as the summit of achievements, orbits-civilizations are formed by the spreading of the impulse of creation, in the same way as from the core of an atom f-orbits are formed in all 12 directions (by the analogy with s, p, d, and f-quantum orbits of the atom structure according to the periodical table of elements of Mendeleev). The radiation towards the new world allows to form the program from the core and the reverse movement of the collected experience, which returns all the achievements to the core. And this is the way the world gets exactly this synthetic base to turn the world around on the summit of the pyramid, and to discover the new one.

We can speak about the seven fundamental races with the help of the universalities of development. And before us preceded the Atlantic race, which was exactly the transformation point, the fourth race. And by entering the fifth one, the Rassenie (seed-spreading, according to the Slavonic-Arian Vedas) occurred, or the expansion of the world that this way had created the universal model of the 12 stages of development. This universality is attributed to both macro- and microcosm: the space structure has seven levels, and the forming of the involution-evolution process of gaining the knowledge and synthetic integration of the diverged occurs in 12 stages. That’s why the 12 main civilizations of the 5th fundamental race, just like the 12 principal constellations in the Solar system, are determining the goal-oriented development.  In the beginning, there was the expansion in 12 directions in the fourth continuum of our fourth planetary level of orbit in the Solar system, and nowadays there occurs the integration, synthesis, and collection of the diverged experience by the core (fig.2). 

Now this is the perfect model for us. The real model is the eternal wars because of the low level of culture and inability to unite. Therefore, there is the time to spread stones, and there is time to collect them. Humanity should become aware that the time to collect stones has come for it.


It means that on the level of every civilization the triple experience is collected. This triple experience, as the three circles of the universal scheme, creates the hologram model of the three circles: 12, 8, and 4 elements.




Figure 2. 12 Civilizations of Lotus of the World.


It is the temple of life, the family, genetics, and the national one, and the unity that we achieve by building the temple. And in this course, it’s very important that when the temple of the trinity of the purpose is built, then the triple experience is collected. Family is personal experience (manas), genetic – the collective experience (buddhi), and national – the national consciousness (atma). These three circles are the energy channel for bringing the consciousness to the new quality level. Support of the balance in management, most notably, is the balanced development. In all world cultures these three circles have been present as the triple experience, which is collected by any system when a transitional process, or exactly the inversion, appears.

This transitional process provides what is taken into the core. The core is not a nation, not a territory, but an energetic formation, like an atom. It’s the summit of the pyramid where the world of causes opens, which is called the Chalice of the mother of humanity. And the 12 civilizations together are known to many as the Lotus of the world. This is the same process as the cyclic development of humanity and the pulsation of life [3]. This way, the collected experience is transferred to the world of causes, where, having been synthesized, it’s then returned to the humanity as the new program. And again, this cyclic process occurs in nature, and again the expansion is repeated. Humanity of different levels goes through its development, expansion, and then again synthesis, again the collection of stones.

In this sense, Universology is exactly necessary because the extraction of the experience is the most complicated part. For this it’s needed to look at the first civilization – the Hyperborea, and its tree of life – Yggdrasil, to see that there was Midgard, Asgard, and the crown of the tree as that same stellar temple of the Solar world. And this triple experience exactly contains the meaning of the development. The experience of building the national temple as the root system, the experience of formation of the 12 civilizations of Midgard, and the experience that is Asgard, Heaven, or Shambala. That is the upper level of filling of the chalice of achievements, or the formation of the torsion field. Based on this process, the future system will be created, the seed of this new system. And this is what will be realized in the life of a human by the creative impulses from the world of causes – by so called “Seeds of the Spirit”.

And it’s so important, that when these seeds start to incarnate, then the system of the new life is started to be formed, literally the system of the new life is being concepted. This is what we today are suggesting in the Lotus of the World to make humanity find common systems of development, to extract this triple experience from the 12 civilizations. There occurs the synthesis of all the 12 civilizations – the great Hyperborea, Belovodye, Altaic, the great Tartary, Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Babylonian-Assyrian, Persian, Greek-Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and the 12th – Slavonic. Perfectly these are the 12 qualities, but they have their real content, and it must be transferred to the cradle of humanity, the Indian civilization, where all cultures are reflected.

Exactly there, like in a fairytale about the small seed sawn by a good woman, the Lotos of the new time will grow, the new program, the new life, that same flower with the Thumbelina, or the soul of the new life. This is what it’s so important for humanity to do today.

Thus, this is the universal process that we describe, which in fact was known in the entire world culture as the pulsation of life. And accordingly, in the beginning the world has been formed by the expansion and cyclic transition from one civilization to another, until it achieved the new quality state. And then, when the 12th, synthetic stage is formed, the transitional process occurs, and all the 12 should collect their experience. And this collected experience will be the base for putting these achievements to the cradle of the world, the 7th civilization, where the new meaning for the new temple if life will be born. The new program will enter as the energetic influence on the consciousness of people, and what should be born, will be born – the unconscious internal motivating pursuit of the dream about the new life, about the unification of the three primary sources of life that are always moving a human, about the three dreams, about the unity of bright individuals, about the equality of the values for relationships, about the people appreciated for their creative initiatives, who will create the freedom of choice and the new world of new relationships that will create new possibilities and opportunities.

This is what has always been in all the cultures, the higher trinity, the higher dream of development that contains the formation of the new temple of the new life in our age. We only must build this universal process by extracting the experience of cooperation from all the 12 civilizations, by collecting this experience, the 12 crystals of experience, and by putting them into the common source, into the cradle. And for this, the ones who are carrying this experience, this circle of people – the Kolo, should gather and enter the new world, the 7th civilization, by creating personal, collective, and social relationships with it. This is that same temple of life which will be the seed of the new development, and then in the core of the Lotus of the world the conditions for the birth of the new temple of the new world will be born.

What we say is beneficial for everyone. There is no more balanced development, as has been suggested before. Now a deep synthesis process is really required on the energetic level of the formation of the new program. It means that people have no image of the future. But the image of the future is so simple. The spirit of the new age by means of the universal technology has already brought the knowledge that there are goals of discovering the internal world of all what is going on, the purpose of all the things to come, including people groups, and societies. And on this base, there should occur the formation of the integrational process of the collective strategy and the unification of purposes, which will create the multi-levelled collective process of the social self-management. And this will be the new nature-oriented way of life, this will be the new world that will create the new human.

These are the bases of the universality of the formation of the process that occurs now, especially in the period when Pluto entered Aquarius. It means that by this time the transitional process is completing, and the transformation is started, because Pluto itself is the 10th planet, it represents Aid and Tartar which is opening before the world, or vice versa, the new world will open as that same Asgard of the new life. The choice is left to humanity.

We are suggesting to the entire humanity, to everyone, to build exactly this pulsating process of collection and synthesis of the experience of humanity, based on the peaceful coexistence. This will form the harmonious process of cooperation. And this will be the evolution in peaceful coexistence. Everyone will continue their development much more effectively because this integrational process will give benefits for all. The main thing is that the world will become stable and organized; a human will become wise regarding his life and the surrounding world, he will open the portal of new opportunities, and the new temple of life will be opened for a human, who would have made his choice and take the path worth of his higher title – to be a human pulsating in the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Universe, to be heartful as a bright individual, happy in relationships that are forming the deep cooperation which, by building the temple of life this way, will all the time be able to form the tree of life of transitional processes into the new quality state.

This is what the universalities describe, and what we are already literally fulfilling today, by bringing together these people who are extracting the family, genetic, and national experience. And we are helping them to do that with our universal technologies. And this way, by putting this experience into the great Kolo of Rassenia, we are collecting the 12 crystals of the experience of every civilization, and putting them into the cradle of humanity, India, to make the seed of the spirit of the new age to be born there, and to create accordingly the new temple of the new life with the new program.

This is what we are suggesting, and this is by its meaning the process unique for our age, and at the same time, the universal process of the pulsation of life. And the heart does this every moment, while we do it on a larger scale. Let’s live together in the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Universe, as exactly this is our future!


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