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Moon Phase


The Starry Invocation of the Aquarian Era



After the great trial during the years of World War II, planetary humanity, seven cycles of seven years later, having restored its energy system, on the eve of the entry of the energies of the Aquarian Age in 1994, receives the impulse of the Spirit of the new era in a materialized form as a conductor of the flow of new life from Uranus. This conductor will be the International Scientific School of Universology. And after 24 years (two twelve-year periods), humanity enters the peak of the parade of planets in the year 2018 when the stellar correction of the path of evolution becomes necessary. And with the inevitable division of humanity into 3 groups following the path of orientation towards the past, present, or future, each of the 3 groups is given adequate guidance by the 3 advisory councils of Shambhala: Atma - Manu, Buddhi - Bodhisattva, Manas - Mahachohan. Those who embark on the Path of acquiring spiritual truths and stellar ideals of the Aquarian Age are affirmed in their choice of Mission and Destiny by the Lord of the new Uranian era with the Great Invocation to reveal the inner world of all phenomena in the external triadic manifestation of Destiny, providing the opportunity to build deep purpose-oriented relationships in a collective strategy, shaping unity and agreement in a multilevel social self-governance system for groups, teams, and collectives, constructing a new framework of nature-oriented life in society!

So, in the year 2018, Proserpine, who sows as the daughter of Demeter, seeds the spirit of the new era from Pluto's chalice, and to the world was given the Stellar Code of development in the form of the Great Invocation, which laid the foundations for the formation of the wave genome of the new humanity. And the universal algorithm of the laws of being was revealed as the Path of embodying the impulse of new Life through the steps of the Hierarchy of Light from the Stellar Temple to Earth and into humanity, its Lotus of peace among the 12 civilizations. And then the reverse movement of synthesizing the experience of the progressive unity of humanity into the Stellar Temple. Thus, if previously only a descending flow of life was established, now both descending and ascending streams have formed the completeness of the cyclic development of the world. And only from the level of the Stellar Temple of the Solar System (as a supersystem in relation to Earth) it is possible to establish precise guidelines for the development of planetary humanity in the Age of Aquarius (according to Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorems).

The distinction of the Great Invocation of 2018 from the previous one lies in its multiplicity and neuroholographic integrity of human perceptions of the inner and outer worlds of Earth and the Solar System. The Invocation of 1949 was dedicated to the conclusion of the Piscean era and the synthesis of the experience of twelve civilizations. The Invocation of 2018 is dedicated to the embodiment of the Spirit of the new era through the core of the Lotus of the world, formed between the two centers of the Eastern and Western parts of the world – Europe and Asia. And thereby, the core of the twelve civilizations is activated, and along with it, its instability increases, posing threats of upheavals due to the lack of regulation in the relationships among the nations of the Lotus core, from Belarus to Lake Baikal.

In order to prevent destabilization of the core of the Lotus of the world and imbalance in nature, the MNShU (International Scientific School of Universology) was given a magical practice of creating life – the Unified Energy System of the Protective Circle of the Temple of Life for maintaining peace. The Unified Energy System allowed the embodiment of the Spirit of the new era through the unity of the destinies of humans and nature in a collective strategy of co-creation and co-management in public governance (in production, territorial matters, and social aspects). This gives rise to a new socio-economic structure of nature-oriented life, promoting healthy and happy development for both individuals and the world in their peaceful coexistence. It addresses conflicting forces not only in the world but also in the life of the global community, reconciling differences based on destinies and harmonizing the interests of various religions, ideologies, political forces and parties, as well as authoritative and public structures…

In order to achieve the peaceful coexistence of different systems in the micro- and macrocosm, humanity was given the Teaching of the synthesis of world cultures and modern science – Universology as an interdisciplinary science. This includes a universal technology for modeling strategies of unity, harmony, and transitional processes; the practice of a nature-oriented healthy lifestyle; and the practice of creating a vision of the future, including its neural modeling.

The reading of the Great Invocation.


Vitaliy Andreevich Polyakov

President of the International Scientific School of Universology

Honorary Doctor of Lviv Stavropygion University

Full Member of the International Council of Academies and the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Safety of Man and Nature (IASESMN)




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