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Moon Phase


The cosmological tendencies of pending events


According to the data from our scientists the strength of the electromagnetic field in the solar system uncontrollably grows. Since the mid 50's it became a magnetic stripe Galactic jet. Accumulations of matter are concentrated along the motion path. Until the mid 1960s the estimated thickness of the explosive wave in front of the Solar system was 3-4 A.U. In the 1970s its thickness started growing and until the mid 1980s the thickness reached 43 A.U. As a result of it the intensity of the electromagnetic interaction grew in front of the explosive wave and the streams of the ionized plasma started getting in the solar system.




Large additions of matter and energy produced changes on planets:

  • Uranus has increased its electromagnetic productivity by 30 times;
  • The atmosphere of  Mars cleared itself of dust;
  • The atmosphere on Venus is clearing itself of sulfide;
  • Neptune has increased its brightness by more than  10%  in last 15 years; 
  • The number of atmospheric accidents on the Earth increased by 4,3 times from 1963 till 1990.


The biggest changes take place on Jupiter. In last ten years the rating data of Jupiter’s electromagnetic emission has increased by 2 times. As a result of Comet Shoemaker–Levy’s falling on this planet the appearance of lithium and the beginning  of  aurora borealis has been fixed (the intensity of  these aurora borealis exceed the ones on the Earth by thousand times), the ejection of plasma began.

The most surprising was the Jupiter’s nearest (out of 16) satellite namely Io satellite. On its surface there is a bulging from which an electro jet goes to the centre of Jupiter. From 1989 till 1999 the current intensity in this electro jet has increased from 1 to 6 million ampere. Jupiter responds to that by the growing ionization of its atmosphere. The production of plasma is increasing. Io satellite serves as the plasma’s generator and at the same time as it is rotating quickly it prevents spreading of plasma in the enclosed space of its orbit. Some astronomers think that by the end of this century the quantity of plasma will be much enough so that instead of the planet we can see the second sun with dimensions of the Io satellite’s orbit.

So, big additions of matter and energy to the solar system have brought the establishment of the “new energetic order”. The processes of breakdown in the balance between planets and global light have appeared. What mostly disturbs the scientists is the change in the interrelation between the Sun and the Earth.

The Sun itself going through the stages of its development is changing its characteristics. For example, in the late stage (from 1878 till 2001) doubling of the Sun’s polar area size has happened. It has resulted into a big magnetic activation of the polar regions.



The most impressive are the researches of the satellite which was launched in the USA in 1998. The satellite fixed the considerable condensation of matter between the Sun and the Earth. The matter causes an energy-intensive performance. A thing like that has not been fixed before. At the same time the processes called “tornado on the Sun” have started to be watched. Finally on the May, 11/12, 1999 the solar corpuscular streams almost finished and the Sun wind decreased by 98%. This fact caused the changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere: radiation layer disappeared because the border of the magnetosphere “leapt aside” the surface of the planet by 380 thousand kilometers (instead of 50-60 thousand kilometers); the electron stream from the Sun caused a huge aurora borealis and a high-powered X radiation in the North hemisphere of the Earth.

It is interesting to note that the Sun wind almost stopped on the eve of the Great solar eclipse of August, 11, 1999 when the power of the   magnetic field was decreasing up to 0 and its vector was changing. Otherwise a catastrophic situation for the biosphere and the humanity could have happened (Nostradamus’s prediction). The magnetic field of the planet protects all the live things located on its surface against the powerful emission: the solar wind.

All of the above-mentioned facts are the data received from the astronomers’ researches. And what do the ancient predictions and the modern astrological calculations say? The ancient Revelations predictions of the beginning of the 3d millennium warn people about the future wars which will take place in different countries and which will drag the civilization into the agony of death and in this agony people will lose themselves in the vortex of passion and debauch but others will look for a way-out in a new world outlook.



Within 15 years the world is expected to survive 4 global crises of the 2009, 2012, 2017 and 2023 years, the fifth crisis of 2032 will mean the birth of a new quality of life.

The world has already entered the first crisis since 08.08.2008. The crisis can be pulled through only on condition that one pulls through his/her one-sidedness and performs 12 exploits (to get 12 types of professional achievements).

The second crisis will take place at the end of 2012 in the form of the peak of solar activity. The humanity will be able to pull it through after having built a total energy system and the cupolas of light over cities, regions, continents and after that – cupolas over the whole planet. 

The third crisis will take place in 2017 in the form of the planetary conjunction, the decrease in the human activity and the decrease in temperatures on the planet, and in the form of more frequent wars.  

The humanity will pull through it on the basis of the system of public self-administration and civic centers. In these centers 12 types of groups in 12 civilizations will be formed, that is there will be 144 000 Warriors of Light who will support the total energy system.

The fourth crisis will be in 2023 in the form of sharp displacement of the Earth’s poles. The humanity will pull through it only when it concentrates the stream of the world’s lotus from each of the 12 civilizations in the core of the total energy system (from Byelorussia to Lake Baikal). And when the axis of the Planet Spirit is built the displacement of the Earth’s poles will be gradual, not globally destructive.

The fifth crisis will take place in 2032 when Saturn comes into the mix with Uranus. Presently these planets are opposed to each other. Their joining each other will produce the final transformation of the heritage of the old age and the birth of the new conditions for the development.

For the purpose the humanity can have the perspective to perfect itself in the future, the International scientific school of Universology is creating the International evolutionary movement. It is the movement of progressive people and world’s intelligence which does an educational and instructional activity in different countries among the population and thus develops the skills of building of the total energy system in any kind of group (starting from a family group and finishing with industrial and political groups) and teaches preplanning the stages of development of the humankind in the nearest future…


What the Future Has in Store for Us

Changing the way of life of an individual and of mankind appears to be the issue of utmost importance. Its solution is as challenging as it is urgent. On the one hand, man is the product of established social relations that refers to the old social worldview, dating back to a bygone epoch. On the other hand, man is the creator, with the inborn drive towards the search for the answers to eternal questions concerning the meaning of life, the essence of development, his mission and the purpose of his emergence on Earth. “I've not been born merely to satisfy my ever growing animal needs… It looks like my life will come to an end before I’ve been able to fulfill all my desires… desires generate new desires, and, as a result, I am enslaved by this process …,” that’s how a person will thinks who tries to understand the essence of life. 

The creative man is certainly aware of the fact that the primary conflict of our time (which is the driving force of the development of mankind) is the social division along the demarcation line between the personal and common good. The common good is by far a wider concept than the individual benefits of loved ones. It is known in the history of such phenomena as group egoism or speculations on certain nations' superiority over the others. The common good is in fact the goal of a new way of life of an individual. However it is only the initial step, for it also involves the common goal of evolutionary development.

To perceive and internalize all of this, the coming epoch is preparing a lesson for us to learn. In this lesson, mankind will undergo further polarization: a part of it will strive for integration, while the other part will become technological prisoners, and will be ensnared by a matrix of egocentrism. The events to come are expected to be utterly dramatic, raised to the maximum conflict. The purpose of the drama is to accentuate the systemic errors in people's worldview. The other purpose is to rid ourselves of the flaws and vices of the past, in order to find the highest universal human values, and develop the worldview based on evolutionary priorities.  

The data regarding our planet’s cyclical development, acquired from ancient sources, and confirmed by modern research, which has validated that the 2000 year long cycle correlates with the Sun's basic sinusoidal rhythm. The upcoming transition from the second to the third millennium, involves the point of change in the sign of life. While two thousand years ago, the sinusoidal phase was in a 'minus' state, in this epoch it will change to the 'plus' state.  

This transition will be reflected in the positive tendencies in every sphere of life. However, Nature employs a number of filters against certain irrational vestiges of previous epochs. The impact of these filters is normally perceived as various calamities: social conflicts, epidemics, natural catastrophes, deviations from the comfortable conditions of life, etc. Different religious sources mark these phenomena as well. In the Book of Revelations, the transition is called 'Apocalypse', which stands for 'the time of change'.


The improvement of moral-spiritual health



The outstanding Russian scientist, academician Vladimir Vernadsky was among the first to recognize the global problems of mankind’s development as being characterized by a unification of man and nature. The sphere of mind, which he described in his works, is the philosophically interpreted image of our desired future, what we now call a sustainable development. 

The term "noosphere" (the sphere of mind/human thought) in the Russian scientific literature indicates a qualitatively new state of social system, in which true values are the moral-spiritual values, as well as the human experience of living in harmony within social and natural environment.



What should be the moral-spiritual guidelines of man?

  • These are the guidelines, reflecting the goal of the evolutionary development of man.
  • It is awareness of belonging to the larger systems of life - mankind, the people of the country, group / team, family.
  • It is awareness of universal laws of life's development.
  • Priority of group-oriented creative activities (collective creation).
  • Realizing the necessity of being useful to the society.
  • Using and improving one's professional skills.
  • Cooperative strategies in dealing with other people.
  • Responsibility for oneself, other people, your group, your nation, mankind, and the Planet.


Thus the primary condition of our survival is the positive attitude that we bring to the world together with the purity of thoughts, words and actions. Whatever we do should contribute to the development of creativity in man, his spirituality, and morality. Modern science provides the following explanation of words and the impact of thoughts. Each word or thought distorts the surrounding physical vacuum in a certain way, generating torus fields, the latter being the sets of left and right spinning vortexes. The right spinning vortexes have been experimentally proven to favorably influence living systems, while the left spinning fields are globally harmful. Words, which reflect kindness, generate the right spinning fields, whereas evil thoughts and swearing language trigger the left spinning fields. Therefore, if we exercise moral and spiritual behavior, and learn "to love your neighbor as yourself", we shall create a powerful right spinning torus field around the planet, which will preserve it during a period of mortal danger.



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