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The Fundamental Principles of Interdisciplinary Science Universology

Energy Centers are the Life Nuclei of Systems.

Cause and effect relations are manifested in Cosmos as interconnections of polar principles (or poles). Historically the polar principles are called positive and negative poles (Spirit and Matter, male and female principles, Yin and Yang, etc)

Interaction of the poles takes place as wave radiation that gives the direct and reflected waves. As the result of alignment of radiation (pic. 1b) interferention takes place.

Then the resonance center (or the transformation point) as transition process between the poles (pictures 1a,b) is formed. Allegorically it means the birth of Christ (or the Son in the Saint Trinity).

And this is the universality described in different philosophic schools and in the world culture. (Plato’s 3 principles: spirit, soul and body; Gegel’s triad: thesis, antithesis, synthesis; etc.) In different religions (in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) it means the triad: 1) The Primary Source (the Father, God, Allah, and the Great Bear.); 2) the Matter (the Mother, the Mother of God, the Mother of the World , the Pleiades), and 3) the transition process (the Son, Christ, the Orion…)

As the result of integration of three poles the configuration of a triangle or a new pole appears.
It has already the higher level of system relations. The 2-nd pole of the triad is formed analogically (by the principle of refection symmetry). It also has the form of a triangle. This is the way of appearing of the cause--effect connections between (managing) sphere of cause and (being managed) sphere of effect. The point (the center, the nuclei ) of their further interaction (pic.1c) is the 3-rd Principle (the 3-rd pole). The 3-rd Principle is the transition process from the sphere of causes to the sphere of effects. And the cause- -effect scheme itself is manifestated not only as the system of definite level but also as the triangle of force (or the pole) of a higher level system.

Picture 1. Interaction of the poles: a) the triangle of force and the poles of cause-- effect; b) interaction and interferention of the poles; c) the appearance of the resonance center; d) resonance raising the frequences of vibrations of the United Energy System.
A man is an analogous space--time continuum of life. Step by step a man forms seven levels of his vital space during lifetime corresponding to the cycle of 12 determinants of a system.

Each of the seven levels is formed as an energy center and as the channel of energy exchange (or transformation). The energy centers are also the energy channels between the cause (the larger level of a system) and the effect (i.e. the lesser level of a system). It is like the point of confluence of time flow (the purpose given by the supersystem) and the life space of the given system.

The 1-st level. In the transformation point the configuration of spatial geometry of “eight” – type is formed as the result of interaction between two poles (2 petals like quantum p-orbit, picture 1c). In physics the horizontal  vertical polarity are correspondingly the electric and magnetic components of electro-magnetic field.

Further provided the stable interaction the resonance with the forming of 4 petals (or 2 p-orbits) takes place. It is like the configuration of the Galaxy: the nuclei – the Galaxy sleeves.

Picture p.10 1) development impulse from the supersystem; energy exchange with the surrounding world; widening consciousness with widening space of interaction;

2) Galaxy sleeves and Constellations (1,2,3) forming the cause-and-effect scheme of life development as of a subsystem. The triangle of force of Great Constellations: (1) the Great Bear; (2) the Pleiades; (3) the Orion.

The 2-nd level. The construction of six petals or three p-orbits finishes the forming of two levels of system relations (pic.2b).
The analogy of this configuration for the 2-nd level is the honeycomb system or benzol ring for the 3-rd level (pic.2d).
Picture 2. Step by step forming of energy centers structure as repetition of the picture 1 but with the appearance of: a) the energy center with 4 petals; b) the 6 petals (two of them are perpendicular to the previous 4); c) with 10 petals; d) united energy system; e) construction of honeycomb system of p- and d-orbits.

The 3-rd level. Interaction of the apexes of the petals forms the triangles of force (pic.2a). And again two poles are created: the 1-st pole of the lesser system with 6 petals (the 1-st level) and the 2-nd pole with 10 petals of the bigger system (the 3-rd level). As the result 2 directions of development appear. The 1-st direction means that the next 3-rd level presented as the diagonal petals of d-orbit continues to form (pic.2c).

The 2-nd direction means that a new system of development is being formed. The triangle of force is one of the poles of the new system (and the 2-nd pole will be reflected symmetrically to the 1-st pole, pic.3).

This configuration is like the position of Constellations as the cause--effect scheme in the Galaxy sleeve where our Solar System is.

And the Constellations, stars, planets and other systems also repeat the configurations of s-, p-, d-, f- orbits which are constructed on the basis of causal interconnections of polar Principles of Yin and Yang.

p.11: 1) The Great Bear – 7 Stars of the Pleiades – the Orion – Sirius –the Star Matter from which star systems are constructed including our Solar System. 2) The nuclei, transformation point, the resonance center: the Cause, the Effect. 3) 12 Constellations of Zodiac and formation of the Solar System between them. (In the bottom) Illustration of the universal scheme of appearance of 12 Constellations of Zodiac and also the forming of orbits and planets.

4) Illustration of relativity of consciousness and world perception: 1. The mankind as the 4-th kingdom of nature is the 4-th continuum corresponding to the 4-th level of the causal system of Constellations. Therefore we see ourselves in flatness of Zodiac (in the center, i.e. on the 4-th level). 2. But as we see only s-orbits of planets’ rotation so it means that the level of consciousness of mankind corresponds to the 7-th level of system relations.

5) Movement of the life impulse of the Constellations to the Solar System, to the planets, then back to the nuclei of the Galaxy.

Step-by-step forming of multilevel systems (as continuation of the scheme at pictures 1,2); interpolar interaction forming interferention and construction of the united energy system on the 2nd level that forms 7 sublevels of the 2nd level.

The 4th level. After 2 polar energy centers have appeared interaction between them begins and the process of forming of orbits is repeated but on qualitatively new level of system relations. Only after this the 3rd polar Principle appears as the cause stimulating development on 3 levels of the sphere of effect. At the same time f-orbit (14 petals = 12+2) is formed between new poles of the spheres of cause and effect. This is the way how the synthesis of former experience of matter organization takes place. It happens according to the purpose transmitting from the managing sphere of causes as reference-point of development in the future.

In the sphere of causes the order of forming of energy centers is repeated as on the first 3 levels of the energy system. And new quality of development is achieved.
The 5th level. 4 (2+2) + 12 = 16 petals;
The 6th. 6x16 = 96 petals (and also 96=2x48, 48=4+6+10+12+16);
The 7th. 10x96=960, 960+96+12=1068 petals where: 96=2x48, 2 means 2 quantum petals as the transition process and 12=10+2.
Number 960 is the final synthesising level of achievement in a man’s development. 1068 petals mean the transition level to the next qualitatively new stage of a man’s development in the 5th kingdom of nature (of divine triads: personality-soul-monad).
Aristotle’s words: “The entity is always larger than the sum of its parts” illustrate the advantages of integration over differentiation. It is explained by the qualitatively new energy of the united energy system consisting of its subsystems (e.g., stuff and its members; the planet and its kingdoms of nature).

Seven energy centers are known from ancient Indian Teachings. The energy centers have electronic s-, p-, d-, f-orbits called “petals”. They correspond to seven levels of a man’s energy system – 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 96, 1068. The given petals are the result of interaction of a man (as well as any system) with the systems of the surrounding world.

Consequently development is taking place relatively simultaneously: 1) of the same level systems; 2) their hierarchical ascent at the levels of the supersystem as their individual perfection. So appears the unity of common and individual development, of horizontal and vertical widening of consciousness. And this is the Scale of Ranks of Hierarchy or the image of endlessness of the hierarchical chain. And at the same time the Purport of Development is open. It is the Creation of Beauty of Unity and construction of the united energy system.

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