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The Fundamental Principles of Interdisciplinary Science Universology

The United Energy System (UES)

In the process of his development a man forms his interaction with the world surrounding him. He constructs the unity according to the stages of development of his consciousness: personality – group – society – humanity -- planet--Solar System-Constellation --Galaxy and further on. And on every stage of the hierarchical chain of life systems the universal scheme of development is repeated.

Picture 1. Interaction of energy covers of electromagnetic aural field of a man with the energy covers of the systems of surrounding world.

Let’s study the succession of forming of the united energy system: 1) Horizontal interaction of radiations of 2 polar systems appears; 2) Interferention is formed by superposition of radiation from the systems; 3) Resonance appears at stability of interaction of their systems on 7 levels; 4) The reflected wave and ascending flow as vertical interaction between system and supersystem are formed; 5) The united energy system is formed (UES as supersystem); 6) All 7 resonance centers are created as the energy centers of UES; 7) A new and more power-consuming program of interaction of initial polar system is formed.
Picture 2. The scheme of construction of the united energy system (of micro- and macrocosm systems) and circulation of energy flows in the energy system of a man.

The logic of these reasonings helps a man to disclose his consciousness for comprehension of endlessness of development and relative simultaneity of all processes. And every person will watch these processes from the viewpoint of his own achievements in forming of space- and- time life conditions and their control.

This scheme illustrates the principle of development, as the qualitatively new energy is spent for creation of the surrounding world, from shortening of non-perfect matter and for renewal of material structures (e.g.: cells) of a man’s organism.

It was the principle of mutual enriching development that was used by Jesus Christ for the welfare of mankind. The principle made it possible to demonstrate the miracles that were the illustration of high spiritual level of integration of a man and the surrounding world. And this is the Serving that enriches and transforms the life. And it is manifested by the following words: ’’Love your neighbor as you love yourself’’

This scheme of systems constructing corresponds to the organization both of micro- and macrocosm. The scheme allows not only to describe but also to make corrections in known stages of forming of atoms as well as of the Solar Systems and Galaxies.

Picture 1.The example of UES forming of a family, a staff. The analogous process takes place both in stars and in galaxies.
The growth of energy consuming of integrated system leads to the widening of its space manifestation and increasing of its managing ability. It also changes the space-and-time connections that form new wave configurations of s-, p-, d-, f-orbits. And it explains the Universal Laws of construction of microworld (electronic, atomic matter) and forming of macrocosm (the planets, their parallel space-and-time continuums of life, satellite systems, etc.)
P.2. The United energy system of a family, a group is qualitatively larger in its energy potential.
P.3. The electromagnetic field of the Earth that was formed by joint development and cooperation of kingdoms of nature. The more developed cooperation is the more powerful defense shield the Earth has, and vice versa. And this is the cause and essence of appearing ozone holes, different climate, nature and geologic phenomena.
P.4. The Sun Wind as the development impulse from the Supersystem to the planet systems.


So Universology can give answers to the most essential questions of Being and development: “What is the purpose of development? What is the sense of life and its source as the stimulus of eternal movement to perfection?
The purpose of development is the unification of separate various life forms and achievement of beauty of the unity of bright individualities.

The sense of life is cognition of beauty in universality of the world construction and then (on the basis of cognition) creation of beauty of unity in nature and among people.

The source of vital energy appears in two simultaneous processes: 1) destroying the old vital forms and 2) construction of the new more perfect vital forms. And on this basis consciousness cognizing the universalities of the surrounding world in its parts unites the cognized space. And the process of cognition widens the vital space of life and a man becomes an individuality. Interaction of individualities revives the space when the energy potential of their unification increases.

From the given above bases of Universology one should make a conclusion about the Universal Laws and regularities of manifestation of variety of Life in space and in time of definite life systems.

Three Universal Schemes. From the above one should conclude that there are 3 universal schemes describing the whole process of life development.

1. The Universal Scheme of Matter Organization determines the dynamics of step-by-step development of space of systems structure.

2. The Universal Cause-and-Effect Scheme determines the cyclicity of forming of structure of system relations in time.

3. The Universal Scheme of United Energy Systems determines the condition of growth of energy potential of life systems in the supersystem. It provides the widening of managed vital space and output of a system on a new level of its development.

Five Universal Laws provide construction and development of form of any life system, interaction of forms and management of conditions of systems development. The Universal Laws make the basis of the Theory of Entire Field of Cosmos where the Universe and all its life forms live, move and exist.

1. The Law of Unity and Struggle of the Opposites as dualism and main contradiction that moves evolution. This Law is also known as the Law of polarities (poles). It is manifested in duality of hierarchical and synergetic interrelations.

2. The Law of Negation of Negation or of Succession or of Analogy or the Law of 7 triads. In the given law the phenomenon of analogy is determinative. Each next stage of development includes the achievements of the previous one providing: 1) the creation of qualitatively new state condition of a life system; 2) repetition and succession of the causal connections in the systems; 3) preservation of regularities in 3 parameters: in space, in time, in energy exchange.

The Law of 7 Triads is manifestated as the fact of existing of 7 small spheres of causes and effects (the triangles of forces) in the continuum of causes and in continuum of effects. Thus each of 7 triads is a small continuum (or a subsystem) that contains analogical 7 sublevels of a subsystem. Succession and likeness in the structure of changing system relations are always preserved and depend neither on the level of consciousness of investigated systems nor the degree of changes of development parameters.

3. The Law of Preservation if Energy or Causal Interconditionality: 1)Energy doesn’t appear from anywhere and escapes nowhere; 2) The causal connection exist on all levels of being. This principle also runs: any effect has its cause which in turn is the effect for a larger cause. And both the cause and the effect are multilevel continuums of circulating life in them.

4. The Law of Transition of Qauntative Accumulations to the Qualitatively New Level or the Law of Rhythm and Cyclicity. Accumulation of experience in the cycle of 12 stages of system forming creates the condition of transition of the given system to the qualitatively new level. It gives the possibility to cognize the new value reference-points and the purpose of the higher level system. It means the beginning of a new rotation of a spiral including 2 phases of development. The 1st is widening as involution of idea (a nuclei) in a new matter and its adaptation in it. The 2nd is systematization, integration and management as evolution or returning of the Prodigal Son to his Father.

5. The Law of Alternativity. This is the freedom of choosing of development direction. And the more completely the purpose of supersystem is cognized the more effective the system development in supersystem is realized and the more space for creativity is open for the given system (during lesser time). And vise versa, a mistake in adopting of non-efficient algorithm of development leads to the rising energy losses (losses of time and distortion of life space).

So on the basis of Universology it is possible to realize the synthesis of scientific and applied disciplines in the system of universal knowledge having constructed the scheme of general interdisciplinary science. Universology also demonstrates the wide diapason of methodological apparatus. It allows to form a new social and economic system of society on the stable basis of the Universal Laws of Development. They provide the greatest effectiveness, stability and happiness of healthy and creative life of every man.

The International Scientific School of Universology

Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Sciences – Universology

1.Philosophy of World Construction, 7.HLS – Healthy Life Style Cosmosophy, Astrosophy.
2.Social and System 6.Causal Medicine Selfmanagement Cardinal Psychotherapy
3.Universal Management 5.Cardinal Psychology Causal and System Physics
4.Integral and Cardinal Education

The Theoretical Basis of Universology

1.The Theory of the Universal Laws
2.The Theory of Relativity of Consciousness
3.The Causal and System Theory of a Personality

Methodology of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

1.Causal Systemology. Cosmology. 7.Mental Psychosystem Modelling (MPM)
2.Gnoseology of Relativism 6.Causal and System Prophilaxis. Multilevel Energy Exchange.
3.Social Systemology. 5.Psychosystemology.
4.Intentional Step-by-step Non-stop Education

The Methods of Universology

1.Causal and System Analysis 7.Universal Modelling
2.Technique of Mental 6.Early diagnostics of diseases Psychomodelling Sign psychic correction
3.Akmeological Psychofuturing 5.Psychosystem Analysis. Cardinal Psychodiagnostics.
4.Collective Strategy.

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